Real-time group monitoring with
heart rate monitors

Your heart rate is actually a motivating friend when
you learn to monitor it properly, for this allows you
to objectively detect beneficial changes which you
can’t otherwise see.

Resting Heart Rate

This rate indicates your cardiovascular fitness level. The normal resting heart rate is 15 to 20 beats per minute slower than your “usual” heart rate.

Working Heart Rate

Gradually increase your working heart rate into a range that is maintained for the 20 to 30 minutes required to assure a training effect and an adequate workout.

Recovery Heart Rate

As long as you do not exceed your maximum working heart rate during the aerobic part of class and you recover at 120 beats per minute or less, you know that your workout has been safe and effective.

Heart rates are important indicators

Your heart rate will ensure a safe and effective aerobic workout. Monitoring your heart rate will allow you to track the magical changes taking place in your cardiovascular system as you journey on the road to aerobic fitness.


Earn points and badges

Keep your members motivated by offering them rewards for check-ins, class books, and staying in the target heart zones for your classes. You might compete against yourself or other people in competitions to win prizes — or achieve goals (in a fun way) set by you or a team you've joined.


Getting into the zone

While this is the most accurate way to determine your maximum heart rate, a more straightforward option is to use a formula based on your age, which can offer a reasonable estimate. Dr. Baggish suggests 200 minus half your age. Once you know your maximum, you can figure your target zone.


Challenge your members

Provide your members with an automated HR platform that allows you to configure your classes to meet your members goals. We are the only platform that provides multi-zone electronic heart rate display. Setting up multi-zone classes is as simple as selecting the device to display for each class. Our Apple TV apps listen for their class designator and automatically start the appropriate class on time.


Studio and Club Training

Our Gym HR solution is designed for fitness classes ranging from Spin Classes to Group Training. Seamlessly integrating with any ANT+ equipment and devices- track, rank, display, and provide Real-Time feedback of your achievements throughout each class.

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